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Karate-do, is a road devoted to the quest of inner and outer harmony, through the balancing of body and spirit. By drawing inspiration and studying the philosophy of those who managed to walk that road, we try to find the answers suited to our own perspective, since this constant search leads to the discovery and elevation of our own uniqueness.

I wish that everybody will walk that road Sensei Anthimos Antonoglou
JKS Greece v2

“ Our greatest reward is the progress
of our students ”

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Masters' Quotations

"Since a very long time ago it was known that ´the wise servant does not serve two masters'´. Servants working for many masters end up creating the image of a wanderer advertising his talents."
" The ´ego´ thinks that he can do everything, it lives with that illusion. The ´part´ lives with the illusion that it is the ´whole´. The weak ´ego´ lives with the illusion that it is all-powerful. The non-existent ´ego´ thinks that it is the center of all creation. From this fact derives all unhappiness. "

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